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Hi, I'm Lori. I help with quality copywriting and business management so you can attract clients from around the globe.

Contact me for a free 30-minute discovery session to see how I can help. 

Email info@lorisloanfowler.com

I know, right?

You were doing so well, but it's been two months since you published a blog post. You haven't refreshed your web copy or your host profile since you launched two years ago. Your social media accounts? Cobwebs. Crickets. Or crickets caught in cobwebs. 

And guest bookings are down.


I love to work with businesses in the travel and tourism space. I understand the challenges and rewards of operating a business in a foreign country because I'm a serial expat/sometime digital nomad. I've also worked within the tourism and community development sector in Africa.

Yes, I do get around.


content creation + styling

I can help you create engaging web pagesblog posts, email newsletters, and social media profiles and posts. I can upgrade your vacation rental or activity descriptions and Airbnb bio to attract more bookings. I can manage your blog, research topics, source images, format and upload posts, and more.


Looking to expand? I can also help you write and edit proposals, reports, presentations, and boring compelling policy and procedure manuals that keep your business running smoothly.


Do you need help polishing content written by non-native English speakers? I've got you covered.

business management support

Get organized and stay on top of the administrative side of your business with my help to set up and maintain online systems for project and task management and digital files. I can save you time by creating templates for contracts, and formatting reports and presentations, and much more

I can give you peace of mind, knowing someone has your back(end).

And I save you from embarrassing errors like this: 










I have worked remotely with Lori for several years, first at Development Pioneer Consultants and later during our transition to NIRAS Tanzania. She was part of the core team from wherever she happened to be, working on everything such as editing, formatting, and proofreading proposals and research reports, CVs, bios, and website copy, as well as administrative management. Sometimes it was even an advantage that she was far away because the time difference worked in our favour. Exhausted in Tanzania after a long day working on a report, she would take over from Canada for us and, like an elf working during the night, the report would be ready by the time we woke up. Lori never forgets anything and never drops the ball. She is a good listener, immediately understands what needs to be done and provides the best possible support to make sure it gets done. I can truly recommend Lori. She will support you with virtually everything!

Dr. Linda Helgesson Sekei, Country Office Director, NIRAS Tanzania

Lori Fowler